Alchemist Teachings by Donna Ferri

Alchemist, Donna Ferri, shares advanced spiritual alchemy secrets of self-transformation, for you to create positive change.

Alchemist Archives: Donna Ferri opens the vault. To release teachings from her legacy Alchemy Masters classes. For you, the spiritual alchemist.

These popular events attracted a steady following. Quite a few attendees used the techniques from these classes. And demonstrated a breakthrough, each to follow their own dream.

They asked if she'd consider publishing them as books. And so she is transcribing these legacy Alchemy Masters classes. Because they contain the spiritual alchemy methods that you can use. And demonstrate your highest desires and ideals, too.

Donna began holding these events when the economy seemed to lag. Because she knows, and personally demonstrates, that appearances have no power. Not in her world. And she believes the same for you.

The economy is much more than just finances.

How it effects you is a reflection of many things. Mostly energy of thought, as well as highly charged feelings. But even that's not all of it. There are other ways to pull down avalanches of good into your life. From  your own spiritual reserves.

You are the good steward. And she teaches advanced energy mastery as well as practical methods. For you to demonstrate a healthy supply. And fun lifestyle. All, from a heart-centered and higher consciousness level.

Donna gathers the best teachings from her Alchemy Masters classes. As well as from her personal archives. She's making them available in her membership site. Also some as short reads, for your favorite eBook reader devices. To download directly from this site.  Or from your favorite online stores.

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