Coach Donna Ferri

Coach Donna Ferri offers an ascendant level of coaching for your spiritual and material success and self-mastery.

A spiritual life coach champions your evolving, sacred belief. She considers that belief the blueprint your Soul has already written, which is here and now, for you to discover.

It's a plan for your spiritual success, because living the sacred moment in all areas of your life is the real secret of happiness. Donna helps you do that.

First, by assisting you to go within, where the answers really lie.

Second, by helping you discover how you can align your life with your sacred purpose, especially when you know that purpose comes from the Soul.

And third, by recognizing that purpose is part of the sacred mission of your Soul, which is expressed even in mundane ways by your living soul. Although it may seem intangible, to know this becomes part of your testimony. The legacy of your life.

'Soul', when capitalized, is a way to describe the higher essence of you, who knows your spiritual origin. Because, when you recognize that it's the "why" of your life, you remember your reason for being. Here and now. This helps the soul, as container of third dimensional life, transcend. Into oneness with Soul, which is your real self.

Coaching with Donna can help you discover more about your 'purpose'.

Purpose isn't what you ‘do’ in life, because it's more.  It encompasses your deep, singular reason-for-being. Something you don't have to memorize and tell someone. It's what you demonstrate, in how you relate to others and to life.

Your purpose has a voice -- it's part of what the world calls conscience. And by that I mean, yes, Soul knows what's correct for you. Not for the ego-controlled mind, but for your soul, evolving here in the physical world.

Read Donna's articles, below, about the ways the inner coach. Your mentor and friend. This real self, who is your Higher Soul, can lead you truly, when you allow that grace to unfold naturally in your life.