Healer Donna Ferri
Healer by Light Transmission

Healer, Donna Ferri, reads the akasha and transmits a high grade of light into her publications, during her live classes and through healing sessions and prayer.

Healer Session Archives, opening the vault: Donna Ferri has begun to transcribe her own, legacy soul readings. They contain many records of Earth's origins and other teachings on early incarnations of the soul. She is compiling them into short reads and here, on this blog, she announces them. And provides links to the various online stores where you can purchase them to read on your favorite app. She provides excerpts from her books, on the blog -- and sometimes offers live online classes.

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Donna also offers you her healing, soul reading sessions. What is a soul reading like? You and Donna begin by discussing your focus, for more clarity about any life area. Then she requests, receives and relays a reading of your own soul. All the while she transfers a high grade of spiritual light energy for your clearing.

Both the reading and the light transferred are captured for you on an audio recording. That way you can re-listen whenever you like and receive, again, the clarity and the light from your session.

The best part is, you never know what you'll get. If you're like Donna's other clients, you'll love it. Go here for more on how to request a reading.