Meditation leader Donna Ferri
Meditation on the Light of Being

Meditation Leader, Donna Ferri, opens the vault of her legacy TeleMeditations.

Meditation is both popular recently, yet long recognized as part of a life lived from the heart, as well as from the higher mind. Regular practice can assist you to release unwanted thought and emotional patterns. The goal is to experience calm, not something specific or phenomenal. Because its not a competition, so you don't have to worry about how deep you go or how long you practice. Most of all, coming apart from the outer world brings simplicity to your life, unlike anything else.

Donna Ferri has been leading meditations online and in private sessions since 2006. Not long after, she began a website, named after her popular legacy classes.

Now she's opening the vault of those archived classes.

First, by beginning to re-record them for better quality listening.

Second, by creating a book of these classes. For you to enjoy. Using them to lead your own local groups.

And third, she's also creating other books and audios. Crafted from the many spiritual healing events that she's held over the years. Ever since that first weekly class.

Donna shares her spiritual knowing with you. That life's greatest treasure is what you discover deep within. For one thing, it's because you 'get there' without having to travel far from where you live. Not only that, but when you go within to the silence, you can know its clarity.

And most of all, by being easy with yourself, you find your connection. With your real self, the Soul, and that real Soul within others.