Mentor Donna Ferri shares guidance and more.

As a mentor, Donna Ferri knows the importance of being open to learn something new. Whether it's pulling alongside those in her classes, in coaching sessions, or in daily life, cooperation and harmony foster growth and fun.

But, aside from those we teach and who teach us, we have a powerful inner mentor. Because our High Soul, otherwise known as the Higher Self, is one with all the great spiritual teachers.

Those who have transcended the need to reembody are one with your individualized God self. Which is partly how and why they seem to bring transpersonal mentoring. At times even supernatural intercession.

And another, gentle and quiet part of you is also one of your mentors. Who observes everything about your outer life. That one is the soul, the keeper of the memories of your life-stream.

In every life, the soul seeks to merge more fully with the High Soul. And our outer mind, when as free of the entanglements of the ego mind as possible, is the match-maker. The facilitator of that inner union.

Sharing from the heart, you mentor often without realizing it.

You may think you're alone, yet there's always someone observing. So your goodness can serve as a template for another to model.

Even when you are truly alone, your aura fills with your thoughts and feelings. These can stay with you for days. So whatever you've experienced broadcasts to others.

Donna shows you how to mentor others through transmission of your highest emanations, deliberately, and consistently.

To send out the love that you are, to uplift others. You never know when an angel picks up the song your soul sings, and brings it to the heart of one in need.

Read some of Donna's insights on being a mentor, below.