The Muse

The Muse isn't just for artists, writers, musicians. Nor just for other creators.

The Muse
Hésiode et la Muse by Gustave Moreau 1891 PD-US at Wikipedia

The Muse is inside everyone. Even the term evokes something almost metaphysical ... Did you know you can call for your muse? To help you to 'rescript your life.' Her answer:

When you desire change, let it be the change you cherish. When you activate transformation, let it be the kind that exalts consciousness. Because I can help you with that.

My experience

I'm not alone in this. Nor in putting up with her ways. Because her methods work.

Sometimes She wakes me, especially when I'd rather sleep. Yet, I obediently record Her message. Then go right back to my pillow. Other times, when I think I don't need Her, because what I'm doing seems 'too ordinary', She appears.

The Muse isn't the fickle creature portrayed in Story

She just lives on an unfettered plane, just as She wants only to free you from the confines of unnecessary contracts.


Yet not in the case of one comedy film. Which is devoted to the subject and is titled, The Muse. Contractual trouble. Because that's precisely the beginning of all the trouble.

Do you feel The Muse? Calling you to record your Soul's message.

I'm certain we'll both continue to hear more from Her. So I'll write about it in the posts, below. And I'll announce any stories about muses. As always, I invite you to comment.

"It's time to play..."

Whenever I'm not writing it's not always writer's block. Because The Muse has just called me away. As Her way of feeding one of Her creatives. Through life's mundane experiences. To prime Creativity's pump. It's the same with whatever you create, when you trust the process

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi