Seer to Seer, Donna Ferri shares with you from a lifetime of visionary experiences.

As a seer, Donna learned at an early age - like many who remember childhood's visionary experiences - that seeing with the heart is a direct way to clarity. And insight. From the High Soul.

She also learned that seeing some things that could be corrected was a gift. Not a curse. Because she used what she gleaned about Light and its transformative powers.

Throughout life Donna has experienced many amazing things as a seer.

Yet she shares only those images which can be of help to another. She does that either through her visionary intuitive coaching and soul readings. Or in the vignettes taken from her memoirs, like those below.

Donna also bases some of her stories on visionary experiences, because the feeling is still clear and powerful. And the message these deliver can be a liberating experience for readers and writers alike.

Donna has a plethora of such experiences to share with you.

Look for her stories from life, as well as those she uses to prompt her shaman fables. Find them in the articles, below. Also in the membership site - where you can share your own experiences with those of like mind. And in the books, which she announces in these articles, below, and in her newsletter.

Donna prays that your own Inner Seer ever guide you to envision only good.

That you may more clearly and consistently access your Inner Seer, so you can assist and uplift those in the world around you.

Because you have the gift to be a seer, whether you 'see' or can think of something that you'd like to have out-pictured in life. And do so by first looking or feeling within in the heart, and centering in the higher mind. Then by pouring into that spiritual mold your desire from the light's treasure given to you from your reservoir of good.