Donna Ferri: Embracing Spirituality as Life

Friendship has always belonged to the core of my spiritual journey.
~ Henri Nouwen

Isn't it time to embrace your true vision?

Just don't let the world's idea of a spiritual path confine your search for Truth

On these pages you'll find my musings about spirituality.

Along the way, I've learned to meditate, yet meditation, visualization, and guided imagery, though helpful, do not define my path.

I've been on many beautiful retreats. They helped me reform and transform my consciousness, yet these experiences are not the path.

I've met a mentor or two. Actually, many wonderful beings who've taught me, and helped me find my way on the spiritual path.

I've read spiritual stories galore, and still do. I'm making an art-form of finding the really good ones, which are sometimes more inspiring than the teachings I've found in non-fiction spiritual books. Although I treasure those teachings as well.

All of these things, experiences, and even the people who helped me connect with The Mentor within, have all served me as I continue to refine my spiritual path.

So, I offer my own transformational essays, and other musings here. To share with you, to offer to shine some light as you make your way, to encourage and support you as you embrace your path of spirituality. Have fun defining that path, and refining it as you feel guided, from within.