Pages from a storyteller's notebook

"May you write (or read) to please yourself - and The Muse." ~ Donna Ferri

My other writing... musings between fables and novelles

Storytellers musings
Dance of the Muses on Helicon by Thorvaldsen, 1816 - PD-US

Donna Ferri shares stories and wonder tales gleaned from her voluminous, private notebooks and journals.

"I love to read, watch really good movies. Mentor my coaching clients. Pray. Walk the beach. Watch the sunrise.

And sometimes, when The Muses come to play, I create short fiction. For their entertainment, of course.

Most of my stories are transcribed from my scraps and scribbles. I keep finding more of these old fables in my journals. My hard drives. And I start new ones all the time. Then, when I can, I post some of my musings, here.

So, I write for you, who are my Other Muse. From my heart."