Visionary Intuitive Donna Ferri Writes Fables from The Akasha Fields of Light.

Donna Ferri shares stories from her experiences as a Visionary Intuitive, and from the Akasha fields. These include early experiences when her inner mentor showed her the akasha experiences of her soul's embodiments. Those with and without her twin soul. And those about the lifetimes of her teachers.

Her mentor was with her in all her visionary experiences. And when she trained in energy mastery and healing, and as a life coach and minister. She then invited her to share soul readings with a select few friends, while she developed her process. Until at one point, she was guided to let that expand, which it has. Into a world-wide following.

In 2002, Donna had a particular visionary experience that began to shape the course of her life into a new direction. It was when her brother was leaving the body. And no one else in the family knew yet. She shares that remarkable story in a memoir.

Her other visionary experiences form the basis for stories about key figures from The Akasha Fields.

These individuals come to life before her inward gaze, sharing with her their life stories, those that brought them to the realization that they could leave a legacy to help others. Far reaching legacies, the records of which have shaped more than just the lives of those in their own spheres of influence.

Read about Donna's experiences with both the inner plane teachers, whose stories she pens, as well as her own. She shares them in the posts, below. In her books, announced in some of the articles. Also in the membership area, where you can share your own experiences, too.