Donna Ferri

<blockquote><em><strong>The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.</strong></em>
<em> ~ William H. Gass</em></blockquote>

<h3>Some Story Themes:</h3>
<a href="">Arthurian Legends</a>
<a href="">Treasure Hunters</a>
<a href="">Magical Beings</a>
<a href="">Time Travel</a>
<a href="">Alchemists</a>
<a href="">Visionaries</a>
<a href="http:/">Magicians</a>
<a href="">Occultists</a>
<a href="">Fairy Folk</a>
<a href="">Healers</a>

About Donna

Visionary Intuitive Coaching to lift your soul and inspire you to create and leave your legacy while you enjoy living it.